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The team investigates when a workshop linked to the smuggled HMX explosives blows up. The link to the suspected terrorist plot is obvious. Unfortunately, Judy Brown has committed suicide by cyanide pill. Brody begins to suspect that Homeland Security Agent John Russo himself might be the ringleader behind the plot.

Pride and the team trust her instincts, and they immediately begin investigating Russo behind the scenes. Meanwhile, a raid leads them to learn that the South African mercenaries have kidnapped a river pilot, meaning there's 1,000 pounds of HMX on the Mississippi River somewhere.

At first they can't find anything on Russo, but all that changes after Brody is able to clone his phone, providing conclusive proof that Russo is indeed behind everything.

Pride and Percy locate and board the barge on the river, but Russo figures out that Brody is onto him and incapacitates her, locking them both in his office. He explains that he wasn't appreciated enough for his skills, and that he's a patriot, just not for her side. He rants for awhile longer as he waits for the barge to near its target.

Percy works feverishly to disarm the rather large bomb on the barge as everyone else but her and Pride are evacuated. Brody attacks Russo, buying enough time for Percy to disarm the bomb. Brody fatally shoots Russo.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 Episode 24 Quotes

Something inside me has been saying, "Watch out."

Brody [regarding Russo]

You hired a new bar manager just in time to become Mr. Fix-it at home!