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The team investigates the death of Petty Officer Mateo Ortega, an immigrant from Honduras who was helping out others and seemingly a nice person with no enemies to speak of. LaSalle connects with Mateo's brother Victor.

After they learn that Mateo was murdered, they connect the death to the 1821s, a violent Honduran street gang run by Edgar Barrios. An old friend of Pride in ICE, Randy Wilson, stops by to help them out in their investigation.

They uncover unsettling evidence that Mateo was somehow involved in the 1821's human trafficking operation. He apparently provided them with maps of the routes of the patrol boats. Things get weirder when they discover the body of Barrios himself, killed the same way as Ortega.

Raiding an 1821 coyote human trafficking shipment, LaSalle and the others are surprised to run into Victor, who reveals that he and Mateo have a sister, Claudia, back in Honduras. Mateo wanted to bring her over, but Barrios was holding her hostage. Mateo wanted to take Barrios down, and so went to the authorities for assistance.

Unfortunately, the ICE agent he contacted was Randy Wilson, who is revealed to be dirty. Pride gets Wilson to confess, and Claudia is reunited with her family.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Sebastian: Do you know the one thing that a woman looks for in a man?
Brody: Well, since I *am* a woman, I can tell you it's--
Sebastian: --high earning potential. It's a biological fact!

Listen, I've got an older brother myself, and he's had his fair share of problems. Always fell on me to look after him. So I can relate. You can't blame yourself.