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The Coast Guard raids a bachelorette party on a yacht, and crew members attack them. The yacht belongs to Javier Garcia. Whatever cargo was on board has disappeared with escaped crew member Ernesto Blanco, Garcia's lieutenant. Pride finds out an old friend, Eliza West, is Garcia's fiancee. Pride convinces Isler to have LaSalle and Gregorio follow Blanco and the cash that was on board the yacht. Pride and Swanson interview Eliza and find out she knows nothing about Garcia's activities. Emile Rojas, a cartel hit-man, kills Blanco and escapes with the cash. Isler benches Gregorio from the cartel investigation as a result. Isler gets a search warrant for Eliza's ranch. Isler tells Eliza that Garcia is a leader of the cartel, and the search yields about $3 million.  Pride convinces Isler not to arrest Eliza. Eliza agrees to help take down Garcia. Pride gets Isler to go along with tracking down Rojas, the hitman. He gets the drop on Gregorio, then LaSalle shoots him dead, when Sebastian couldn't.. They discover Rojas has burned the rest of the drug money. Eliza and Garcia host Pride for dinner. While the men sip whiskey, Eliza slips away to copy Garcia's hard drive. Garcia gets suspicious and searches for her. She comes back with the crystal whiskey glasses. She makes an excuse to get away, and gives the flash drive to Swanson. LaSalle gives Sebastian a pep talk. Garcia put all the businesses in Eliza's name, so they can't arrest him. Eliza is the target of another hit man, who Pride and Gregorio take down, but not before he kills Eliza and three agents. Isler tells Gregorio her career is over. Pride drunkenly plays piano and vows to make Garcia pay. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Swanson: Triple tat to the chest. That's on me.
LaSalle: Remind me not to piss you off.

Swanson: Looking a little green there.
Sebastian: I just need to get my sea legs.
Swanson: You know that we're docked, right?
Sebastian: I do.