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Marine Staff Sergeant John Brossette assaults six men at a bar, killing one. Pride mounts a manhunt for Brossette. Brossette's neighbors in Clearwater, a rundown neighborhood, sing his praises. The team corners Brossette at a pawn shop, but he escapes.So does Vadim Reznik, the pawn shop owner Brossette was threatening. Mayor Hamilton holds a press conference designed to get Pride's attention, causing a showdown between the two. LaSalle finds horse tranquilizer at the pawn shop. They use Reznik as bait to draw out Brossette. The team gasses and tasers Brossette, who tells them that his wife Amelia has been taken. He tells Pride and Percy that she's been missing for two days. He added that women have been disappearing from Clearwater for years. Reznik admits to being part of a human-trafficking ring. Hamilton sends Rita to arrest Brossette. Pride makes a deal with Brossette to find Amelia, then talks Rita into giving him another 12 hours. He has Brossette call the traffickers, to try to get Amelia back. He meets with the traffickers, but it's a trap, and the team ends up killing the traffickers.The traffickers were all part of Bulgarian organized crime. Rita found out Hamilton has been derailing development in Clearwater. Pride and LaSalle go after Micha Draganov's boat and take him into custody and wave off the Coast Guard. Pride dumps Draganov in the water and drives away his boat. Draganov spills his guts when Pride circles back to rescue him. The Coast Guard rescues all the kidnapped women. Rita tells Pride she should be able to get Brossette's charges reduced. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

I feel humiliated. I don't want anyone knowing one guy kicked all our asses.


Pride: Everybody all right?
Sebastian: Define "all right."