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Molly Lindell, a Congressional aide, is saved from men posing as NCIS agents by a hitman, who abducts her. The team gets called in since the men have NCIS badges. The men were former Army, dishonorably discharged. LaSalle decides to bring home his bipolar brother Cade. Visiting Molly's motel room, Pride and LaSalle get taken out by the hitman, who then collapses. The hitman, Jack Cooper, said he was just protecting Molly. But he doesn't know where she is. The team works up a theory that Molly was investigating a military contractor. Cooper has an inoperable brain tumor, which is causing him to act erratically. Jack recalls a cabin. Gregorio finds David Finn, the whistleblower at the contractor, dead from a broken neck, such as Jack inflicts. That means Molly is likely his target as well. Pride tries to get Molly's location from Jack, without success. Loretta tells Percy and Gregorio about Pride's relationship with his mother. Jack escapes from the marshals transporting him, taking their car. Pride thinks Jack is still trying to protect Molly. Patton tracks the car to the cabin where Molly is staying, and Percy and Gregorio confront him. They're attacked by several armed men and take refuge in the cabin. Jack exits through the floor and picks off three of the men, then collapses. Gregorio takes out the last two with hot coals from the fireplace. Jack dies at the hospital. Pride explains to LaSalle how he had to get professional help for his mother. Pride calls his mother and they play a song together on piano. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Pride [to LaSalle[: I know. There's a lot of questions. But they'll all be answered if we find Molly.

Taking care of a person with mental challenges can be challenging for the caregiver too.

Pride [to LaSalle]