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A sailor, Gabriel Ridley, opens fire after being involved in a traffic accident, then gets killed by a security guard. Patton is injured in a paragliding accident. Ridley had been implanted with a neural interface to help with his PTSS as part of a clinical study. The study is being run by Dr. Anna Yoon, Patton's ex-wife. The trial has been hacked, sending the wrong signals to Ridley's brain. Sebastian finds a suspect, Lt. Kristina Vreeland, who had quit the trial. Pride gets Patton to help out, despite his hurt feelings toward Anna. Vreeland suspected Max Cahill, a tech with the study, was messing with the device in her head. Cahill calls in sick. The hacker has put a virus in the company's network, and they can't monitor the five subjects of the study. All but Vreeland were found and brought in. Pride and LaSalle discover Vreeland's apartment has been trashed. Pride and LaSalle find Vreeland standing over Max's body, with no idea what she had done. Pride thinks someone besides Max is behind the hack. Sebastian finds the killer wore gloves and Vreeland didn't. Patton discovers Anna packing up her project. They talk about the night of the accident that paralyzed him. Gregorio uncovers that Dr. Lyons transferred the $100,000 into Max's account, and is behind the hack. The lights go out at Anna's lab, and she and Patton are being shot at by Lyons. Lyons is planning to blow up the lab. Patton drives his wheelchair from the second floor onto Lyons. Lyons grabs his gun, but Pride shoots him. Anna has decided to salvage her project. Then Patton asks out Marlene, who runs the paragliding business.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Still messing with people's brains is a slippery slope.


Gregorio: Do me a favor? Talk some sense into [Patton].
Pride: Lost that battle years ago.