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Hannah, Gregorio, and Sebastian visit a construction site where three workers and an ensign have disappeared. They're confronted by two people with shotguns. Pride and LaSalle talk to Aramita Jax, the head of the company. She says the company has faced all kinds of sabotage. Jax said her company specializes in seawalls, and she's in New Orleans to test her prototype. The bodies for the missing people are found at the site. NOPD arrests Jax based on an anonymous tip. Pride convinces NOPD to turn over Jax to him. He thinks she's being framed. Hannah thinks an economic hitman may be involved. Jax thinks Norman Wong, her first investor, may be that hitman. Hannah and Sebastian confront him. Wong threatens to tell secrets about Hannah's involvement in the raid on Victor Zelko's home. Hannah finds an envelope with blackmail information in her car, likely planted by Wong. Fingerprints from Wong's assistant Redwon are found on two of the bodies. He flees but LaSalle runs him down. Then they try to flip him. Redwon claims Jax was behind it all. Wong releases video of the raid against Zelko to the media. Hannah wants to go on her own but Pride won't let her. A Homeland Security agent comes for Hannah. Sebastian tries to track down Wong through his keystrokes. Hannah tells the DHS agent to check out Wong. Patton and Sebastian hack Wong's records, then Pride has them pretend to drain his accounts. Pride then calls him for a sitdown. Pride offers to trade everything he has on Wong for everything Wong has on Hannah's involvement in the Zelko raid. Pride was wired and the FBI arrests Wong based on what he said. DHS releases Hannah. Pride shows Hannah that Zelko is still alive. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Jax: Why did you do that?
Pride: Because I really want to believe you.

Pride: [Liam] doesn't want to be found.
Hannah: Would that stop you?
Pride: Probably not.