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Patton witnesses the drive-by shooting of his friend, Nick Taylor. Patton tells Pride that Nick was spooked about something. Nick was working as a Coast Guard analyst. LaSalle and Gregorio check out Crane Rehab Center. Pride insists that Patton see a trauma counselor. Nick's therapist Julia Flores was romantically involved with him. Nick's prosthetic leg was bugged with a keyboard sniffer, which was full of classified Navy intel. It appears Nick was a spy. Narcotics busts were down 20 percent since Nick joined the Coast Guard. Patton found a frequency such as that coming from Nick's leg coming from the rehab center. He discovers members of the Battle Brigade, a group of disabled analysts, had similar bugs in their prosthetics to steal intel from law enforcement. Patton says Julia is being coerced to plant the bugs through threats of violence and blackmail. LaSalle and Sebastian find Julia dead at her home. Patton recruits the Battle Brigade members to sort through the stolen data, to find out who benefits. Patton talks a reluctant Detective Simms into helping. Sebastian found traces of high-grade cocaine in scuff marks at Julia's home. Simms points them toward the Marauders, a motorcycle gang, who handled that kind of cocaine. Zander Reed, the brother of the gang leader, works out at the rehab center. He killed both Nick and Julia. Simms said the Marauders were getting a shipment by boat that afternoon, and that Zander would escape on that boat. The team and NOPD stop the shipment, but Reed isn't there. Simms had tracked Reed to a biker bar, planning to bust him. Simms tries to arrest Reed by himself in a bar full of bikers, and Patton is caught in the middle. Patton talks down Simms and stalls until the team arrives. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

LaSalle: Nick Taylor was a wounded warrior. Who would have wanted to target him?
Pride: Let's find out.

Nothing you could have done, P.

Pride [to Patton]