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A big spender gets killed at a French Montana concert. The dead man was Tyrone Gibson, a Navy recruiter. Gibson had won $100,000 in the lottery the previous week. The surveillance Sebastian found shows a woman running from the scene with a gun. Prints on the gun lead to Wendy Cotts. She is a hacker and con-woman. Suddenly the NCIS system is hacked, the records being destroyed. It's Elvis Bertrand doing the hacking. Wendy is his daughter. She was the result of his sperm donation. Wendy has found a way to rig the lottery. She's giving the winning numbers to worthy people. Wendy's DNA is under Gibson's fingernails. Sebastian finds Wendy at her girlfriend Billie's gaming club. Wendy hits a button on her phone, kills the power and escapes. Wendy won the lottery so the team stakes out the redemption office. She sent Billie in her place to pick up the winnings. Billie had borrowed money from a loan shark, Ace Rogers, to save her club. Rogers shot Gibson when going after Wendy. Wendy goes to confront Rogers at his headquarters. She offers to give him the winning number for that night's drawing. She was trying to get Ace to confess, but Elvis interferes. The team rushes in, but Ace escapes, taking Elvis with him. They figured out where Ace was buying tickets and Elvis hid a message there. Sebastian finds a man who owes Ace money living in Florida, and who will cash in the winning ticket. Elvis leaves a trail of jelly beans at the man's fireworks factory. Pride finds Elvis's trail. Ace has a winning ticket. Elvis knocks the gun out of Ace's hand with a bottle and runs. Ace keeps shooting until an explosion sets him on fire. Pride makes his flight to New York for Laurel's concert. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

All I do on the weekends is play video games.

Sebastian [to LaSalle]

I see your organization skills continue to be ... unique.

Loretta [to Pride]