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Pride notices his assistant, Ginny Young, is missing. His old friend, Commander Calvin Atkins, talks to him about his medical and mental conditions. Ginny gets picked up along the side of the road, but she can't remember much about her kidnapping. She recalls a lot of abandoned houses after she escaped. Driving around with Pride, Ginny finds the house where she had been held. Pride finds their original suspect hanging dead inside. Hannah identifies symbols on the house's walls as connected to voodoo. Pride consults with Zaire, an occult expert, about the case, then she talks to him about his troubled soul.  Loretta said the victim had been paralyzed with Calabar, a rare poison. The team visits a health center which imported Calabar, which is now shut down. They find another victim who has been cut up, but the suspect jumps down an elevator shaft and escapes. The suspect is Ignacio Marquez, a former medical student, who is selling organs to research labs. Loretta has Loretta check out the tea Zaire gave him to help him sleep. Loretta figures out that all three kidnap victims have 0 Negative blood and Marquez is looking for a liver. Dr. Welles, who runs the clinic where Marquez works, refuses to help Gregorio and Hannah with patient information until Hannah hits him with a subpoena  Pride goes to check on Ginny, and finds her door open and her unconscious on the floor. Then Marquez sedates him and takes Ginny. Her liver is intended for Dr. Susan Francis, one of Dr. Welles's fellows. His other fellow, Dr. Stokely, is forcing Welles to do the surgery. Stokely threatens to kill Ginny if the surgery isn't allowed to continue. Susan dies on the table. Stokely swings a scalpel at Pride, but Loretta knocks him out with a metal pan. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

I am willing to do whatever it takes. Just like you, Agent Pride.

Ginny [to Pride]

Calvin: I couldn't wait that long to see Dwayne Pride in a suit and tie.
Pride: It almost makes me look respectable.
Calvin: Almost.