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Pride is surveilling a security guard, Kent Crawford, and his family. Pride is reassigned from being Special Agent in Charge. LaSalle and Gregorio go to look for Dana Wilson, a missing petty officer, in Bovis, Miss. They meet the mayor/police chief, Charlie Conroy. They find Wilson dead under the floorboards in the garage of her aunt's house. As Pride comes out of the Tru Tone, someone is tailing him, and it turns out to be Isler. Pride had been investigating Apollyon on his own. Isler is running a task force to dismantle Apollyon, and he wants to recruit Pride. Hannah sends Loretta and Sebastian to Bovis to examine Wilson's body. Conroy suggests LaSalle and Gregorio talk to Pierce Evans, Wilson's ex, but he starts shooting at them and runs. Pride gets to meet other task-force members. Conroy rounds up a posse to hunt Pierce. He's found overdosed in Wilson's car. The task force abducts Crawford. The team in Bovis is suspicious about Pierce's death. Pride gets information out of Crawford by promising to protect his family -- the location of where Walker was taken after breaking out of prison. Loretta discovers Pierce was killed. Sebastian identifies ingredients of dog food from Wilson's body. Pride joins up with the task force, even though he'll have to cut ties with family and friends. The reopened dog-food factory in Bovis is actually producing meth for the Sinaloa cartel. Pride calls Laurel and tells her he has a new global position. Pride makes Jimmy his partner in the Tru Tone and puts him in charge. Conroy pulls over Hannah and Sebastian. Soon they're surrounded by armed townfolk. Conroy shoots Larry then Larry's sister Julie pulls a gun on him. He runs but gets gunned down by the cartel. Pride decides to stay. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Pride: Isler? What's going on?
Isler: I heard you were looking for a job.

You are one of a kind.

Hannah [to Pride]