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Pride is having a nightmare about finding himself shot dead. He gets a call from Isler that Avery Walker and Apollyon are hiding out in South Ossetia, near Russian Georgia. It proves to be an ambush and Isler is abducted. A double agent shuts off Pride's satellite feed. Pride won't let Hannah fill in anyone else. Lasalle confronts Hannah about what she's up to. Soon Pride is explaining everything to the team. A local militia wants $2 million ransom for Isler. Lasalle and Pride pose as Canadian doctors when they go to South Ossetia. The local police confront them, then pull guns on them after checking their papers. Luka Osman, their local asset, rescues them. Pride brought counterfeit money for the ransom. Patton and Sebastian find the mole, Thomas Dixon. The militia leader accepts the money for Isler. Hannah, Gregorio and Sebastian find Dixon dead. A chopper attacks the militia camp, while the rest of the team comes under fire at Dixon's house. Pride, Lasalle and Isler head into the woods, with the militia in pursuit. The others take out the four shooters. DIxon wasn't involved, just used to set a trap. Isler's abduction was a setup to draw out Pride. Loretta finds a microchip in a shooter's body that activates his cell phone. A little girl surprises the trio in the barn where they had hidden overnight. Lasalle bribes her with cash and his sunglasses and she misdirects the militia. The militia catches up with them as they near the river and open fire. Pride sends away the wounded Isler and the shot Lasalle in a boat, then runs away to distract the militia. Luka meets the boat. Isler passes out from blood loss. Pride gets surrounded by the militia then is rescued and captured by Walker. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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