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Five are killed at a research lab. Lt. Ford's fingerprints are all over the lab. She was supposed to be stationed in Siberia. Hannah returns from her time off early. Loretta finds Rufus Nero, from the Department of Health, in her lab. He says the lab is subpar. All the bullets from the victims were coated in chemicals from ship manufacturing. The team goes to an old ship-manufacturing plant, where Pride catches Nero holding a canister. Nero is from Naval Intelligence. Ford was working for Nero. The canister is supposed to contain Virus X but the virus is missing, along with Ford. Hannah slips a GPS tracker in Nero's pocket when he leaves. Nero is meeting with Ford. Hannah, Gregorio, and Sebastian try to capture them, but another team attacks. They're driven off and Nero and Ford are taken in. Ford tells Hannah she is the virus. She injected herself with it. Ford is quarantined at Loretta's morgue. Peter Lankmire is a suspect seen nearby the lab but he's not in charge. Jeff Grassley from the CDC comes for Ford. Larkmire worked for Grassley. Nero is suspicious of Grassley. Grassley's guards start shooting and Nero pulls Loretta out of the line of fire. Loretta takes out one guard with a beaker and Pride shoots the other. Grassley is going to sell the virus to the highest bidder. Nero apologizes to Loretta. Pride suspects Grassley is holding Ford at an abandoned CDC facility. Sebastian and Gregorio find Ford's body there. Grassley bought a ticket on a riverboat. Pride spies him and he runs. Pride traps him on the roof. They wrestle and Grassley falls. Pride clings to the roof with one hand with the canister in the other and pulls himself back up.  Loretta and Nero go out to eat. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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