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NCIS investigated the death of a petty officer, who was killed by a Navy drone strike. Hollis Mann, an ex-girlfriend of Gibbs, joined the team as part of a NCIS-Department of Defense team-up for the investigation. They discovered that the terrorist Benham Parsa was behind the killing, and that it was done as a test run for a larger target: a Conrad Institute dinner gala, where McGee's girlfriend Delilah was to be honored for her work in counter-terrorism.  Parsa's attack was successful: four people were killed, and many were injured, including Delilah. Mann and Gibbs found the terrorists' base of operations and managed to kill two of them. Parsa escaped in a getaway car.

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 12 Quotes

Bishop: No, Daniel Coyne is a victim. Whoever else has been targeted is a victim. You're a terrorist, and you're going to serve fifty years in federal prison.
Tony: Minimum.
Pace: They're incredible, these weapons I've helped build. You sit behind a computer monitor. Point, click and thousands of miles away, total destruction. Parsa thinks it's only fair we get a taste.

Bishop: Should we go to the hospital?
Gibbs: No. No, we should find Parsa.
Bishop: How?
Gibbs: You start at the beginning, Bishop. Come on. This is what you do. Come on, come on, come on. Bishop. Come on! Get to work.
Bishop: Okay.
Gibbs: You find him. Get this son of a bitch.