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The team got word that a body has been found in the water at the Port Authority, which resembled a BOLO that was put out on Parsa's bodyguard. However it wasn't the bodyguard: Parsa had killed a Port Authority officer and had dressed him to look like his bodyguard.  Bishop revealed that she had been on the Parsa file at the NSA for six years. After some coaxing she revealed that she had been getting private messages from him, and gifts, taunting her with clues about his whereabouts and actions, after which the NSA had pulled her from the case. Bishop figured out that he visits his parents' grave in Pakistan each year on the anniversary of their deaths.  After locating him, Navy Seals broke into his compound and after shooting him in the shoulder, took him into custody.  Parsa offered to give up intel to Gibbs on the condition that he have a chance to have a conversation with Bishop.  Bishop and Gibbs had just begun interrogating him when Gibbs got a call.  He allowed Bishop to continue the interview in his absence.  McGee revealed to Gibbs that many of the encrypted files on Parsa's laptop were photos of Bishop. Gibbs rushed back, only to find that the interrogation section was sealed off.  Parsa had pretended to faint, but had then shot his guard, and sealed the section, leaving Bishop trapped with him.  His intent was to kill both Bishop and himself.  Gibbs distracted him by having Parsa's sister talk to him over the P.A., in order to convince him not to kill himself.  Gibbs finally got into the area, shot him dead.  Bishop was invited to join the NCIS on a probationary basis.

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 14 Quotes

Gibbs: What are SecNav's orders?
Vance: Now that we have Parsa - press him for intel. Enough to disable his entire terrorist network.
Gibbs: How hard?
Vance: Whatever it takes.

Welcome aboard, probie.