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Dorneget's mother CIA Agent Joanna Teague demands to be read in on the case. Vance agrees.

Ducky pulls some shrapnel out of Ned's body which turns out to be made of titanium. He tells Gibbs and Teague that the world's largest supplier is Russia.

Luke provides Gibbs and Abby with the nanny cam that shows Sadiq Samar killing his parents.

Gibbs interviews Rousseau, who hints at another imminent impending terrorist action in Arizona.

McGee calls Gibbs and tells him about two more S-mines deployed in a park near the Grand Canyon.

McGee discovers that all of the kids recruited by "The Calling" were sent the same group of songs.

Abby discovers that there's a code in the bass line of the songs distributed to the members of The Calling.

Bishop and Tony are interviewing kids on a college campus when they encounter a younger boy. They question him about Sadiq and he escapes them on a motorcycle.

The boy makes his way to a trailer. Sadiq answers the door. The boy tells him NCIS is looking for him. Sadiq instructs him to find Luke and tell him his family in Iraq needs him.

The same boy shows up at Gibbs' house looking for Luke. He knocks out Luke's guardian and takes off with him.

McGee is given a video game that was also distributed to the kids in The Calling. He is told that those who want a piece of key information must finish the game, and that he must do so as well to gain the same intelligence. He does so and discovers pictures of all kinds of potential bombing targets.

Bishop theorizes that the children who've been chosen to be members of The Calling all come from families of government employees. She theorizes that this was done deliberately, so as to gain important information from them about their bomb targets.

Teague uses CIA intelligence to find and torture Sadiq, who confesses that Luke has been sent to Zakho, Iraq. Gibbs shows up at the trailer. Teague invites him in. 

Sadiq tells Gibbs that Luke was taken because he was in custody at NCIS. Gibbs realizes that the terrorist group will question Luke to find out all of the information to which he was privy while at NCIS, and that all team members are now targets of The Calling.

Gibbs tells McGee that a man named Daniel Budd is the leader of "The Calling". He is a British political activist and underground terrorist.

They discover that Budd has always surrounded himself with misguided children, and that he has evolved from a criminal who started out doing petty theft, and ended up being involved in kidnappings.

Vance interviews Sadiq. Sadiq tells him a riddle about the next target: it involves old men who sit on benches. Vance tells McGee that the Supreme Court justices are in danger, and that they must immediately ensure their safety.

Gibbs, Teague and Tony head to Iraq. They see a girl who looks out of place and follow her. While Gibbs confronts her Daniel Budd calls Tony on his cell phone.

Luke calls out to Gibbs. Gibbs turns around. Luke shoots him in the leg and then again in the chest.

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 24 Quotes

Vance: What's your next target?
Sadiq: Among others? Old stubborn men sit on benches their entire lives and get set in their ways. Age, director. Age is the enemy of enlightened youth.

Tony: We want the boy. What do you want?
Daniel: Just to be heard. To be respected. Not to be handed your broken promises.
Tony: Welcome to the generation gap. Old habits die hard, Daniel.
Daniel: Or they just die.