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Three friends - Petty Officer John Hicks, Mary LaFleur and Benjamin Koss, all high school friends - are in a car that is forced off of the road in a hit and run crash. Hicks dies, while his two friends receive unlawful medical help from former Navy corpsman Anna Dillon.

Police Sergeant Sherman Harper arrests Dillon for practicing medicine without a license, despite the fact her efforts saved the lives of Hicks' injured friends.

Gibbs reaches out to his attorney friend Carrie Clark to assist with Dillon's legal defense.

Abby discovers that the damaged vehicle had a different shade of silver paint - belonging to the hit and run driver's vehicle. She determines that the paint could only come from a small select group of local trucks, which she then narrows down to one, belonging to Dave Lancellotti, a local mechanic and race car driver.

Bishop and McGee go to interview Lancellotti at his home, where they discover that his truck is missing. His alibi for the time of the crash - that he was at a bar - is verified by Tony and Bishop.

This comes as a surprise to McGee, who found video footage of Lancellotti having a post-race fight with one of the car crash victims, Benjamin Koss. He figures this gave him a motive.

Bishop, Tony and Gibbs find the location of the truck, with Lancellotti's dead body in it. At first, it appears he committed suicide, but Ducky determines he had been hit with a wrench before being shot in the head.

The team discovers that one of Lancellotti's co-workers, dishonorably discharged Petty Officer Bennett Jemaine, was the killer. He had attempted to get revenge on Petty Officer Hicks because he had found drugs on Jemaine's bunk, which was the reason for his dismissal.

The team arrests Jemaine after using a spike strip to blow out his tires on a road.

Meanwhile, Gibbs' friend Carrie Clark, along with the parents of the three kids injured and killed in the car crash, convince the D.A. to allow Dillon to just do community service in lieu of jail time for her offense.


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