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Tony arrives back home from Russia, and rushes to the hospital where Fornell has been taken for surgery for his triple gunshot wounds.

Fingerprints at the shooting scene belong to Jacob Scott.

FBI has rounded up all of the other NCIS targets on Scott's hit list and has put them into protective custody, except for two (retired). One is Kevin Dresser. The other is Allen Kane.

FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe has joined the case, in Fornell's absence. She's a lot like Gibbs.

Abby narrows down Dresser's location to one of three airports. DiNozzo tells Gibbs someone recognized Dresser from a picture they provided.

Gibbs, Bishop and McGee arrive at Dresser's house, only to hear gunshots.

They rush in, only to find MI6 agent Clayton Reeves in a fight with Trent Kort.

They find Dresser lying dead on the floor.

Kort tells them his friend Dresser called him an hour ago, saying that someone was following him. He arrived at Dresser's house to find Reeves standing over his body.

Kort tells them he worked with Dresser back in 2002 while working on Jacob Scott's case.

McGee finds Allen Kane's address. He and Monroe head over to Kane's house.

Kane comes out, and starts to run. McGee and Monroe chase him down.

Gibbs and Reeves interrogate Kane about the $50K found in his bank account. They accuse him of also selling information to the Russians. He claims to have won the money at the races.

Kane tells them about a safe house where Scott used to stay. He demands to be put into protective custody.

Tony and Bishop head over to the hotel where Scott used to stay. It has been converted into a "health clinic". The proprietor tells them she just finished calling the police because of a break-in.

The security footage shows Jacob coming into the room to find something. Jacob turns to the camera and tells them to quit following him, or more people will get hurt.

Abby determines that Scott is looking for Ziva David.  The team can't find her anywhere, and she's not answering phone calls or texts.

Ducky determines that Dresser probably wounded Jacob Scott.

Fornell wakes up in the hospital, calling for Gibbs.

Abby picks up a voice recording of Jacob Scott trying to get a private jet to Tel Aviv.

Fornell passes a message to Gibbs via Emily. The name "Jessica" and the name of a British cell phone company.

Reeves tells Gibbs there was a major robbery at the cell phone company's warehouses last month. Since then there've been all kinds of cell phones showing up in the black market. Reeves figures that Jacob Scott was likely using one of them.

McGee tracks down the cell phone. The signal points to a location within NCIS. Specifically, the elevator.

Jacob Scott gets off the elevator and surrenders himself to NCIS.

Scott claims to be innocent, that he didn't shoot Fornell or Dresser or anyone. He tells Gibbs he's being framed.

He says he's looking for Ziva because she can prove his innocence. He says Ziva's father had private files which showed he was set up for the espionage charge in 2002. He's looking for Ziva because he believes now that her father is dead, she's taken possession of the files.

Abby confirms that the blood found at Dresser's place is not a match for Scott. She tells Gibbs that his fingerprints found at each of the crime scenes were too perfect, and therefore are unlikely to be real. She believes someone planted those fingerprints.

Abby discovers that the blood sample taken from the scene at Dresser's house belongs to Trent Kort.

Kane tells Reeves and Monroe that Kort was the one selling secrets to the Russians, not Jacob.

Kane tells them he got the $50K from Kort as payment for keeping him updated on the progress of the NCIS investigation. Kane is the mole.

It looks as though Kort has fled to Israel.

They receive a news report: the farm house belonging to Eli David has been bombed.

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NCIS Season 13 Episode 23 Quotes

Monroe: Now I want you tell me that one more time. How you won that money at the races. Can you do that? See, you just open your mouth [Monroe gets in close and rubs her hands up his torso] and say "I won that money, fifty grand, betting on the horses." Can you do that for me? Please?
Kane: Then what happens?
Reeves: I can't wait to find out.
McGee: Same here.
Kane: I didn't get that fifty grand from betting the horses.
Monroe: Good boy.

Kane: Okay okay, STOP. I'll talk.
Reeves: No. You're going to sing. And it better be pretty.