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The NCIS team is called in to investigate the death of a Navy Seaman Allesandra Ramos. 

Her body is found at a garbage dump site, with a bullet wound in her forehead. She was due to testify in the case of a gang shooting. Metro police detective Jeff Katz joins the investigation.

Tony and Bishop interview Navy Seaman Mary Burk, Allesandra's friend. They learn she was due to go to D.C. to see a group called "The Sterile Puppets."

Katz and Gibbs interview the suspect identified in the murder trial in which Ramos was to testify, a man by the name of Dominick Rubin. He tells them he had nothing to do with her death, and doesn't recognize her. Katz and Gibbs believe him.

Abby discovers hair inside of Ramos' jacket. It belongs to a congressional page named Jane Murphy.

Tony and Bishop report that Ramos was due to check into a motel in D.C. after seeing the concert, but she never showed.

McGee and Gibbs arrive at Jane Murphy's dorm, only to discover she's been missing for a few days.

McGee and Tony interview the club owner where the two girls were last seen. He tells them his back door surveillance cameras have been out since last Thursday. Someone had cut the wires.

Palmer discovers the remnants of a micro-GPS tracker that had been gouged out of Ramos' body.

Bishop realizes that the location of the chip likely ties into an old NSA case in which she was involved, involving human trafficking ring. The ring would abduct college aged girls, implant a chip under their left arm pits and then sold to the highest bidders all over the world.

Bishop meets up with two of her old NSA colleagues, Daisy Milner and Adam Conners, to ask them if they knew any information about the old human trafficking case that could shed light on this one.

Milner tells them that the FBI is tracking the cases of six college-aged girls who've gone missing in the last two months.  All the girls went missing under similar circumstances: they went to a bar or a nightclub, got separated from their friends, and were never seen again.

Bishop joins Milner as they go back to the NSA to do an analysis of the money trail.

McGee and Abby figure out the manufacturer of the GPS chip. Tony and McGee pay a visit to the company.

The owner of the company tracks down the GPS shipment. She tells them it was purchased by a company called Vanderhusen Industries.

Milner calls Bishop and asks her to meet her and Adam back at the diner. She tells her that following the money was the way to go.

Gibbs and Bishop arrive at the diner, only to discover that Milner has been shot in her car.

Adam hands Bishop a report that he says came from Milner.

Abby tracks some of the other GPS trackers that came from the same batch. She finds three signals coming from a storage container at the Port Authority.

Gibbs, Tony, McGee and Bishop all head to the Port Authority. They shoot two men and rescue three girls from a container, including Jane Murphy.

Murphy tells Gibbs that one of the men who kidnapped them shot Ramos.

Bishop goes to see Adam. She tells them the case is closed. She tells him his report is a smokescreen, a wild goose chase. She pulls her gun. Gibbs and the others arrive.

Adam goes for his gun. Bishops shoots him in the arm.

McGee tells Gibbs they've scoured Adam's computer and recovered all kinds of names of accomplices. They should be able to track down the entire trafficking network.

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NCIS Season 13 Episode 13 Quotes

Tony: We were hoping, Tiffany, that you could...
Tiffany: Trace this to a particular buyer.
Tony: Good guess!
Tiffany: You're cops. This is evidence. Duh.

Palmer: It goes without saying but, this kind of stuff effects me a lot more since become a father.
Bishop: I'm sure it does.
Palmer: I mean with this kind of evil in the world.... People who will do this kind of...How am I supposed to let Victoria leave the house.
Bishop: Pretty sure she'll leave the house eventually, whether you let her or not.