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The daughter of the Secretary of the Navy - Megan Porter - is kidnapped, along with her boyfriend Dean Campbell.

Tony, Bishop and McGee are getting ready to participate in a training program called REACT. An old friend of McGee's - NCIS Agent Valeri Page - shows up to lead the training.  The team gets called to investigate the kidnapping.

Abby acquires the GPS signal of Megan's phone and sends the location to the NCIS team.

They travel to the site of the GPS signal and discover the van that was used for the kidnapping, along with Megan's boyfriend, who they find bound and gagged.

Fornell joins the investigation.

SecNav Porter tells Gibbs that one officer in particular took issue with one of her policies. Christian Brodrick spoke out publicly and was subsequently relieved of his command.

McGee and Valerie interview Brodrick at the gym where he works out.

The kidnappers call SecNav Porter. They make a demand for $10 million.

At the SecNav's home, the kidnappers call again. Porter demands to speak with her daughter. They decline. Gibbs hangs up the call.

The kidnappers call back. They put Megan on the line and she speaks with her mother. The kidnappers set up the exchange time for 2:00 p.m.

Porter wants to drop the ransom but Gibbs and Fornell tell her that's too much of a national security risk. Her ex-husband Richard Porter offers to make the exchange in her place.

The kidnappers contact Richard Porter, and tell him to go to another location. A van pulls up and one of the kidnappers gets out of the van and grabs the money. Richard demands they release his daughter. Instead, they shoot him.

Two bombs go off in adjacent cars, knocking Gibbs and McGee out.

Gibbs writes some instructions down on a paper and gives it to Page. He asks her if she can do it.

Bishop reveals that Richard Porter is CEO of a company that is on the verge of insolvency. He has no monetary investment.

Bishop notes that Justine Wolfe, Richard's girlfriend and business partner, has a motive for the kidnapping. She had a five million dollar investment in the company.

Bishop and Tony pay a visit to Justine's home. They find the garage filled with smoke and Justine on the floor of the garage, dead from a bullet wound.

Abby processes evidence found at the second van. Specifically, she found Megan's class ring, which has blood on it belonging to one of the kidnappers. The DNA belongs to Owen Dixon, a former overseas operative for Wynnewood Security Services.

Abby reveals that Justine Wolfe used to be a member of the Wynnewood Security Services board of directors. Dixon had a beef with SecNav Porter. Two years ago, Dixon ran four black ops overseas. SecNav Porter threatened to pull their contract if they didn't take action. Five of the security company staff were fired, including Dixon. The four others were charged, convicted and sent to prison.

Gibbs concludes that Wolfe is in the kidnap conspiracy because of the money, but Dixon has revenge on his mind, which is why he's still holding onto Porter's daughter.

Dixon calls and speaks with Fornell. He demands that a jet be fuelled up and ready for him and his gang to escape. He says he will trade Megan in exchange for SecNav Porter herself.

Abby picks up a trail of phone calls to a helicopter pilot named Edmund Baylor. She tells Gibbs Baylor received a wire transfer of $50,000 that morning. Baylor has a charter flight scheduled to leave for Canada at 8:00 p.m. tonight.

The instructions Gibbs gave Page was to get her REACT team together. Gibbs and the team meets her and the REACT team in the garage.

Both teams surround Dixon and the helicopter. Dixon begins to aim his gun, and one of the REACT snipers shoots and kills him. The rest of the kidnappers surrender.

Gibbs recovers Megan.

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NCIS Season 13 Episode 15 Quotes

Valeri: Okay, Tim, just please tell him the story already.
Bishop: You haven't heard this story?
Tony: Bishop knows?
McGee: Alright, look. I'll tell you but you can't make fun of me.
Tony: I promise. My word is my bond.
McGee: Well, Val and I were each other's first kiss.
Tony: What does that have to do with the tooth?
McGee: It was allergy season and, well, I leaned in for a kiss. Got a little itch. Turned into a sneeze and I head-butted her.
Valeri: I spent the next few hours at the dentist.
Bishop: Talk about memorable.
Tony: Timothy Farragut McGee. You smooth operator.
McGee: Tony.
Tony: Thank you for honoring me with the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.

SecNav: Maybe it's time I re-evaluate my priorities.
Gibbs: You going to quit?
SecNav: If it's best for my family. You don't agree? Think I'm being ruled by fear, what?
Gibbs: I don' think it matters what I think.
SecNav: Humor me.
Gibbs: Family's important.
SecNav: That's it? No rousing pep talk? No "we need you on that wall, Madame Secretary"?
Gibbs: Disappointed?
SecNav: A little bit. Yeah.