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A sniper shoots Navy Petty Officer Adam Meyers in a park.

Bishop and McGee look for the sniper's nest and find evidence pointing to the murder being the work of a serial killer known as the "Tri-State Sniper".

Tony interviews Meyer's former department head named Lieutenant Nick Rossmore, who tells him they were supposed to meet at the park.

Ducky finds evidence that Meyers had been a fights before his death.

Bishop discovers that her husband Jake is on a secret NSA mission.

Bishop and Tony discover that Metro PD have captured the Tri-State Sniper. Unfortunately, it appears he was captured at a time that provides an alibi for the death of Meyers.

Abby determines that the Tri-State Sniper didn't shoot Meyers. All of the Tri-State Sniper's victims were shot with an M40, but Meyers was shot with an M16.

Whoever killed Meyers wants NCIS and police to believe the Tri-State Sniper is responsible.

Special Agent Maureen Cabot alerts Vance and Gibbs to the fact that Meyers had been court-martialed two years ago for using a hidden camera to take nude photos of Ensign Ashley Ryan and another female officer. Cabot believes this incident lead to Ryan taking her own life, ten days ago.

Navy Captain Roland Ebbakey tells Cabot, Vance and Gibbs that a crew member found the photos online and notified the captain. He says that within a few days, Meyers confided in Petty Officer Peter Woodruff (now a civilian), who then turned him in.

Tony and McGee interview Woodruff, who tells them he was Meyers career counselor. He says the other victim, Lieutenant Kara Gifford, attacked Meyers and broke his nose.

Cabot and Gibbs interview Gifford. She tells them she wanted him dead, but didn't kill him. She was close with Ashley Ryan.

Bishop discovers that the camera holding the photos of Ryan and Gifford was purchased by Howard Falconio. 

Delilah discovers that the pictures were uploaded to the web through a dummy account, indicating that the person doing the uploading was tech-savvy. Bishop wonders about that, as Meyers was anything but a tech nerd: he still used a flip phone and ran Windows 98 on his PC.

Bishop learns that the hotel at which Jake is staying in Dubai has been the target of two terrorist bombs. Gibbs tells Bishop to come home to wait word. She states that she's going to stay at MTAC until she finds Jake. 

Tony uncovers an incident that took place two days before Meyers was shot. Meyer's neighbor witnessed a woman punching Meyers in the face before threatening to kill him. The neighbor got the woman's license plate. It turns out his assailant was Gifford.

Gifford tells Gibbs and Cabot that Meyers showed up at Ryan's funeral. She confronted him to get him to acknowledge what he'd done. It was then that she hit and threatened him.

Bishop learns that two NSA analysts in Dubai have turned up dead, but Jake and five others are not accounted for.

Ducky determines that Tony has a very bad rash attributed to poison oak. He had never been near the sniper's nest (which was riddled with poison oak).

Ducky observes that the sniper might also be badly infected. Tony recalls shaking Lieutenant Rossmore's hand. He realizes that's where he likely contracted poison oak.

Rossmore tells Tony and McGee that he contracted poison oak when he cut through a portion of the park where there was lots of poison oak.

He tells them Meyers told him two years ago that his sister was arrested for possession. Meyers had told Rossmore that he was going to find a way to pay for a top notch lawyer to represent her. Two days later Meyers gave his confession for planting a hidden camera. He reveals that after Ryan's death, Meyers wanted to let everyone know who the real voyeur was.

Bishop and Delilah uncover taxi cam photos that show Jake was across town and not at the hotel when it was bombed.

Bishop reveals that the camera used in the voyeur incident was sold by Falconio to Woodruff. Woodruff is the killer.

Captain Ebbakey invites Woodruff to a coffee shop to warn him that NCIS is looking for him. He tells him he's a misogynist like him, and wants to help him. Woodruff confesses to murdering Meyers.  The captain takes out his recording advice, and Gibbs and Cabot arrest Woodruff.

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NCIS Season 13 Episode 6 Quotes

Bishop: I'm the one that supposed to be in that position, not Jake.
Delilah: What position?
Bishop: The in harm's way. I finally understand what Jake's been talking about all this time. My NSA deployments in the Middle East, these past few years at NCIS. This is what he's been going through.

Bishop: Seven minutes. That's how close Jake came. 420 seconds. I could have lost him Gibbs.
Gibbs: But you didn't lose him, Ellie. Jake's safe and he's coming home. Everything's going to be all right.