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The team investigates the death of a sailor during an apparent botched armed robbery at a convenience store. There's just a minor hitch: the employee who witnessed the robbery vanished before the police could arrive. The man, a former Marine is eventually located, and the team learns the grim news that he was brought to the U.S. illegally as a small child and is scheduled for deportation.

As the others investigate the case, Bishop convinces Torres to take a detour and give the Marine, Victor Medina, a chance to spend some time with his mother before he is taken away to go back to Mexico, a place he doesn't remember. He doesn't even speak Spanish.

Meanwhile, Anthony DiNozzo Senior arrives back in town to announce that Tony will be renting his old apartment, and the entire team aside from Gibbs immediately devolves into childish behavior in attempts to convince Senior to pick them for the apartment.

Senior ultimately just pulls a name out of a hat, though Torres ultimately hands the keys over to recently-engaged McGee.

The team learns that the murderer is the trouble-making bratty son of a wealthy man, and they arrest him before Victor Medina is handed over to ICE for deportation.

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NCIS Season 14 Episode 7 Quotes

He was a Marine. [Gibbs stares at him meaningfully.] ...And always will be.


Anthony DiNozzo Senior: I was hoping you would have some words of wisdom?
Gibbs: ...Nope!