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It's a normal day at the office for the NCIS team. While most of Gibbs' team investigate a bomb threat on a Navy ship, he visits the grave of his wife and daughter and Sloane prepares for a date with a friend of McGee.

The date goes pretty well up until a particular man with a British accent happens to sit down next to Sloane; when she hears him speak, she completely loses her mind and physically attacks him.

When Vance comes to her aid, she tells him that the British man was actually the same man who tortured her and members of her team for months on end years before inthe Middle East.

They identify him as Nigel Hakim, who works to raise money for orphans. He calmly denies being the evil torturer and murderer she claims, and all she has as proof is her identification of his voice.

Vance gets the idea to go to another rescued person and play a recording of Nigel's voice. The man, despite suffering from Alzheimer's, immediately recognizes it and identifies it as belonging to the Monster.

Gibbs and company attempt to capture Nigel at his charter plane before he leaves the country, but he pulls a fast one on them and escapes on a different plane -- having kidnapped Vance, who had led the team to rescue Sloane those years before.

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 24 Quotes

Kasie [about Gibbs]: He *always* follows orders?
Ducky: Always. [beat] Ish.

Sloane: Once he’s dead, I’ll feel a whole lot better.
Gibbs [softly]: I doubt that.
Sloane: What are you talking about?
Gibbs: My wife’s birthday was yesterday. Shannon. She and my daughter, Kelly, they were killed together. The man who did that, I hunted him down and I shot him in the head. And I really thought that would ease the ache in my heart. Nope. Not to this day. And you’re the only one I’ve told.