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Torres and Sloane are in Afghanistan working a protection detail for Senator Phillips, who happens to be an old friend of Gibbs from Desert Storm. Gibbs calls to inform them that the senator's son Chandler is in the ICU and is not expected to survive.

The senator immediately decides to return to the States, but there's no plane leaving the base for a couple days, so he chooses to go to another base to catch a different plane.

Unfortunately, their humvee, which set out alone, triggers an IED, killing their driver and stranding them. To make matters worse, the senator changed the route they took and didn't notify anyone else, so any search parties would look for them in the wrong area.

They set up camp in a cave but are attacked by two insurgents, who injure the senator before Torres and Sloane kill them. Torres takes a motorbike from them and heads off back to the base for help.

Back in the US, the team realizes that Chandler's injuries were the result of foul play. They learn to their surprise that Chandler, a dissolute gambler estranged from his father, turned over a new leaf and just enlisted in the Marine Corps.

The team discovers that Chandler was part of a scam operation working a casino. A casino security officer had discovered them, but Chandler confessed all and returned the money.

When he told his partners, one of them furiously pushed him down the stairs, causing his injuries.

Back in Afghanistan, Torres returns with help, and the senator is rushed into surgery. They all make it back to the States, where the Senator is joyfully reunited with his son, sharing a mutual love and forgiveness.

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 10 Quotes

Senator Phillips: This is a Marine-occupied airbase. You sleep with a gun under your pillow?
Torres: It’s the desert. You know, scorpions.

Chet Goodman: Generals. Always sending someone else to fight your battles.
Senator Phillips: When I’m fighting, you’ll know!
Chet Goodman: All due respect, this is a goodwill tour! You take your security detail and go back to shaking hands. Let me handle the jokes.
Senator Phillips: Well, I would, except the Geneva Conventions make torture illegal!