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Gibbs and McGee have been captured by Paraguayan terrorists and held captive for a couple months. Despite being weakened by deprivation and torture, they remain defiant, even as their team back in the US tries to locate them.

Vance and company have been hauled before a committee to explain themselves and told explicitly to keep away from the attempts to locate the two agents. They blatantly ignore the order.

When a man calls NCIS and is immediately killed, Bishop, Torres, and Clayton discover a surprising link between the victim and the terrorists who captured their colleagues: the man was a uranium mule.

Following his trail, they capture his employer in the US and locate his burner phone, which has one number on it.

Back in Paraguay, Gibbs and McGee engineer a complicated escape plan, even capturing El Jefe in his office. Only one problem: they don't know where they are. Cue El Jefe's phone ringing, with Bishop on the other end!

Bishop remotely installs a dating app on the phone, using the program to locate where Gibbs and McGee are. The politicians interrogating Vance prove surprisingly supportive and call in a rescue for them.

The two return to the United States, and McGee has a heartwarming reunion with Delilah at their apartment, while Gibbs congratulates Bishop for keeping the team together through it all.

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 1 Quotes

McGee: Well, we went from a snowball’s chance in hell of getting out of here to a--
Gibbs: --snowball’s chance in Arizona.

El Jefe: You set off the radiation alarm!
McGee: You shouldn’t have let me near the computers.