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As Gibbs is waiting to enter the Navy Yard, he witnesses a woman get into a confrontation with the gate guard. After she punches the guard, she demands that Gibbs investigate the murder of her mother.

Said murder victim was a retired member of the military and had been killed in an apparent home invasion a year before. The investigation by the Virginia State Police had gone nowhere, and they happily agree to turn over the investigation.

Abby discovers new evidence, namely a series of tracking numbers that lead them to a warehouse. The warehouse employee reveals that one of the tracking numbers belonged to a package containing prescription drugs, a package reported stolen.

The follow the victim's trail and discover she was investigating the stolen drugs, as her daughter had likewise had drugs go missing from the mail. This led her to a hostel.

When Reeves and Torres go to investigate the hostel, the man in charge takes off running and gets smashed by a car. He killed the victim when she got too close to discovering he was running a drug ring out of the hostel. But who was his supplier?

After the victim's daughter is attacked, Team Gibbs realizes that something else must've happened recently. A photo in her possession reveals the identity of the drug dealer's supplier: the warehouse employee, who was stealing prescription drug packages from his own company.

After closing the case, Abby takes Reeves out to a nice dinner. On their way home, they're confronted by a man who demands their money. When Abby offers to help him, he gets very angry and fires off a shot.

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 21 Quotes

Picture this. You and me, subterranean coworkers, dining in ice chairs. It’s just so *right*.

Jimmy [to Abby]

Vance: SecNav has asked me to draft a press release.
Sloane: Let me guess. “We’ll support the Virginia State Police in every way possible to solve the murder of May Carter, however this case does not fall under the jurisdiction of NCIS.”
Vance: Once again, say that slowly so I can type it!