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A sheriff transporting a petty officer he had arrested crashes into a lake after engaging in a pursuit of a drunk driver. Thought the sheriff escapes the car, it seems at first that the petty officer has drowned.

When they pull the car from the lake, however, the sailor is nowhere to be found.

The petty officer's CO was no impressed with his performance and also reported the theft of various smoke grenades and flare guns from the armory.

Billings' fiancee tells NCIS that he just broke up with her... phoning from his apartment. By the time they get there, he's gone, but they find $26,000 in cash.

A blind witness to the lake crash tells Torres that she heard no other car. The sheriff lied about pursuing a drunk driver. When Gibbs and Bishop go to confront him, someone shoots him.

The team discovers that Billings was involved in meth production. The smoke grenades and flare guns were stolen for the white phosphorus. The sheriff provided the muscle.

They suspect that the fiancee's father, a pharmacist, provided the necessary pseudoephedrine. With his appalled daughter's help, he incriminates himself as well as a final suspect.

The father's lawyer is also involved, and he had been the one to shoot the sheriff. Torres gets to the blind witness's home in time to save her from an attack by the lawyer.

They go out for a meal at the diner to celebrate.

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 20 Quotes

I’ve held lots of arms. Yours are more than decent.

Annie [to Torres]

Oh, you have a *plan*, Gibbs, don’t you? I see it all over you!