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The team investigates when a petty officer moonlighting as a golf course groundskeeper is found murdered on the course. The investigation is hampered by the victim's apparent isolation and shyness.

McGee is fascinated to discover that Miller was a ham radio fanatic and decides to locate some of Miller's radio contacts to see if any of them might have useful information.

After some initial frustration, McGee eventually finds one, whose dog turns out to provide a critical clue in the murder. The dog was a retired drug sniffer and had smelled cocaine on Miller.

Miller in turn figured out that a delivery of sand to the golf course was contaminated with cocaine from Mexico. A cartel goon killed him to keep him quiet. The goon reveals that his boss at the supply company reports to a cartel boss in Mexico.

Torres does a brief undercover stint and tricks the supply company owner into calling the cartel boss in Mexico, allowing federal authorities to shut down a major drug pipeline into the United States.

Meanwhile, Torres accidentally donates $5000 instead of $50 to Jimmy Palmer's charity to help disabled children.

When he sees the joyful, happy disabled children on their new playground, however, Torres decides to let the charity keep the money, which he had intended to purchase a new motorcycle.

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 6 Quotes

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Sloane: He’s 45, chubby, and lives with his mother.
McGee: You can tell all that?!
Sloane: No. Profiling doesn’t work that way.