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Deakin is revealed as the man behind the bank account. 

He has a video call with four judges, and asks what they should do with Gibbs. 

They agree to kill him, and Mallory is sent on the mission. 

However, she fails to shoot him, later revealing that she wanted to miss him after being demoted and losing out on money. 

The team start to question what is going on with Gibbs and he later reveals that he murdered the man who killed his family all those years ago. 

However, he is livid that it all played out this way, and tells the team not to question him again. 

Meanwhile, Bishop searches for a way to help her boss, and it puts her on a collision course with none other than Deakin. 

Her and Torres find out more information and set out to take him down. 

In the end, Gibbs is the one to complete the mission and Deakin is arrested an slated to stand trial. 

Wynn was frame for using the account, but Gibbs knew that was not the case and vowed to keep him out of jail. 


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NCIS Season 16 Episode 22 Quotes

Anytime you need a safe, secluded space for gossip, autopsy’s all yours. It’s… really lonely down here.


I killed the man who killed my family, and Deakin knows.