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Four men plan the robbery of a jewelry store. One, who was to be the driver, gets killed for blabbing details to his wife. The team gets a call about a body in a recruiting office dumpster but the body had already been taken away. Jimmy and Kasie meet for breakfast at a diner. Jimmy accidentally jostles one of the robbers. The impatient robbers harass the server and Kasie speaks up for her. McGee identifies the body as an ex-con. The body finally gets delivered. Torres and Bishop can't find Jimmy in the morgue. The robbery goes sideway and the driver backs over a hydrant. The robbers run back into the restaurant and take Jimmy and Kasie, and others hostage.  Gibbs calls and Jimmy gives him details from inside the diner. Torres and Bishop find the locked-up jewelry-store owner. Kasie and Jimmy patch up the shot robber. The cook has a concealed gun and comes up firing, although Jimmy tries to get him to wait. The cook hits another robber but gets shot. Kasie convinces Max not to kill the cook. Max wants Gibbs to get them a helicopter. Vance has a late-arriving McGee check out the surveillance from the jewelry store. The robbers put diamonds in condoms and swallowed them. The dead man's wife tells them what she knows about the other three robbers. Gibbs tells Max they need to talk face to face if he wants his chopper. Kasie volunteers to be Max's hostage so he won't take the pregnant woman. Gibbs convinces Max to let some of the hostages go. The shot robber dies. Max wants Jimmy to remove the diamonds from inside him. Gibbs, Torres, and Bishop move in. Jimmy tells the robbers the condoms broke inside them. One robber runs out. Jimmy punches out Max. 

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 19 Quotes

Work fast. I hear Torres has a parade to get to.


Kasie: As only you can.
Jimmy: And nothing is going to bring me down.