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The team gets called in to investigate an F-18 crash. Gibbs and Bishop head to the aircraft carrier, while McGee and Torres check into the missing pilot, Navy Lt. Rebecca Weeks. A dead man, Petty Officer Fisher Patrick, is found in Weeks' cabin. They had been dating. Patrick had overdosed from oxycodone, and Palmer suspects homicide. The pills were Weeks' prescription. Weeks' bunkmate said he broke up with Week the previous week, and she had threatened him afterward. Kasie thinks Weeks faked her own death. The team finds evidence that Weeks survived the crash, including her buried flight suit. She had visited a nearby bait shop and stole the owner's motorcycle. Vance sets up roadblocks on the North Carolina barrier island where Weeks is running. The undersecretary of the Navy is leaning on him. Weeks visited her godfather, Retired Navy Lt. Commander Jack Briggs. He said she didn't kill Patrick. She borrows Briggs' plane to escape. Weeks sets the plane down at another N.C. airstrip. Weeks calls Gibbs. She doesn't hang up so Bishop can trace the call. Weeks steals an impounded car from a junkyard. Weeks took the engine-control system from a wrecked car that belonged to her commander's wife, who died in the crash. Weeks may have thought the car got hacked. She returns to where the carrier is docked. The commander is missing from his quarters. Weeks has abducted him. McGee tracks the commander's laptop. Weeks is trying to get his password to prove he hacked the ECS and caused his wife's accident. Weeks surrenders her gun. She says they were having marital problems. Weeks crashed the plane and tested her theory. Weeks' bunkmate, who was having an affair with the commander, crashed the car and poisoned Patrick. 

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 12 Quotes

Kasie: I can only think of one reason why a pilot would eject below radar.
Torres: To fake her own death.

What if they cut the wrong wire?

Torres [to McGee]