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Ziva calls Gibbs. Gibbs tells her he told Phineas about his mother being killed. He suggests she go to Paris and reunite with Tali and Tony. Jack offers to come over. Phineas runs away by going out of the window. Gibbs is unable to give his team much detail about what Phineas would have been wearing. Phineas had visited a friend, who had sold him his bike. An upset Gibbs is yelling at his team. Torres makes Gibbs take him along on a visit to interrogate Victor. Bishop lets them know about a possible Phineas sighting. GIbbs spots a kid on the bike Phineas borrowed. Ziva clotheslines him before he can escape. He said he bought the bike from Phineas, who was at a bus station. Ziva tags along with an unwelcoming Gibbs. Kasie finds a half-a-heart pendant on Zahar, and Kasie is going to try to track it. Phineas got a woman to buy a ticket to Philadelphia for him. Then Phineas got into a van at a bus stop. Ziva tells Jimmy Tony hasn't texted her back. Phineas was originally a refugee child who went into the foster-care system. Victor was the one who picked up Phineas. He plans to ransom him to Phineas's father, an Arab gangster. Ziva worries that she's too damaged to go back to being a mother. Tony sends a video of Tali to Ziva's phone. Victor plans to fly Phineas to Montreal, then Cairo. Phineas had a knife in this sock, which sets off the TSA metal detector. Then he implicates Victor. Bishop stops Torres from slugging Victor, then punches him herself. Jack finds Phineas's foster parents. Vance arranges for Ziva's flight to Paris. Ziva says goodbye to everyone, hugging Gibbs last. 

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 11 Quotes

It's likely Phineas took out the SIM card. Maybe he learned some things when he visited here.


You need psychological care, Gibbs.

Jack [to Gibbs]