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A petty officer's murder gets live-streamed on a gaming app. Gibbs watches Phineas while his mother Sarah is out of town. Following Sarah's instructions, he takes all Phineas's screens from him. The dead petty officer was Ian Rojas. McGee, Torres, and Bishop find him, wearing a teddy-bear mask and covered in glitter, dead in his bathtub. These post-mortem touches are references to the video game Killing With Kindness 3. Phineas is aware that the reason his mother had to leave had something to do with his custody. Both McGee and Kasie binged all night on KWK3. Kasie tracks Rojas's online friend FloridaCow82, Jesse Gilyard, to a Virginia retirement community. DirtyBird sent a threatening message to Rojas because he blamed him for the loss of his sponsorship. Gibbs asks Jack how to help Phineas with his concerns. McGee suggests joining DirtyBird's clan but they need a really good gamer and McGee no longer qualifies. So Gibbs brings in Phineas. They set him up in MTAC so he would have no lag. The bullets from Rojas came from a gun that hadn't fired in a very long time. Phineas decides to taunt DirtyBird to get his attention and it works, allowing McGee to track it. DirtyBird, aka Dustin Vanderschmitt, tries to run when Torres and Bishop arrive but he falls into a dumpster. He was coaching his daughter's team when Rojas was killed. Sarah is unhappy with Gibbs' choices and says Phineas can't see him anymore. There have been 19 identity thefts at Gilyard's retirement community. McGee tracks the code back to Elmer Barlow, who was deleting code. He was the identity thief. Rojas had been investigating the glitchy network and Barlow killed him. He had hidden the gun in his garage. Sarah realizes that Gibbs is good for Phin.

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 9 Quotes

If you're not early, you're late.

Gibbs [to Phineas]

Here I am talking about being maternal and I'm leaving my son with a strange man who lives across the street.

Sarah [to Gibbs]