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A decomposing body is found in the woods. The remains are identified as Navy Captain Alan Wales, who was shot with an arrow in the heart. The lead suspect his ex, a JAG lawyer, Navy Commander Stacy Gordon, who is now dating Gibbs' friend Phillip Brooks. Torres returns early from his hit-and-run accident. Kasie finds a second murder of a man who shot in the heart with an arrow. The other man had also dated Stacy. Also her husband died in an accident falling down the stairs. Bishop notices Torres is in pain from overdoing it. Kasie found a strand of hair on the arrow. But they need a sample of Stacy's hair so they send Phil undercover on a date with her. She catches him taking her brush out of her purse. She sees Gibbs parked outside, gives Phil a strand of hair, then breaks up with him. Her hair doesn't match. Kasie discovers both dead men had the same meth in their systems and decides they must had have the same dealer. Gibbs encourages Phil not to give up on Stacy. Matthew Duques is the meth dealer and tries to run. He escapes from Torres but Bishop catches him. She tells Torres he needs to rest. Duques sold the two men a virility supplement which had meth in it. Phil calls and says someone has broken into Stacy's house and might still be there. Stacy called the local sheriff and told her she was in trouble. The sheriff tells NCIS Stacy had killed her husband, who was abusive. Her late husband's brother, Detective Tom Logan, is obsessed with Stacy and abducts her and Phil. He killed her husband and the other two men. Gibbs gets there just in time and kills Tom. 

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 15 Quotes

I think Phillip is dating a serial killer, boss.

McGee [to Gibbs]

I'm from New York. What do I look like, Robin Hood from the hood?

Kasie [to Torres]