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Shots are fired into Gibbs' basement, with Gibbs and Ziva returning fire. Bishop, Torres, and McGee drink at a bar. McGee gets a call about gunfire at Gibbs' house. McGee finds a hidden coal chute, Gibbs' escape route. Bishop suspects Ziva was with Gibbs. Ziva says a woman, Sahar, is pursuing her. She wants to get Gibbs to a safehouse. Bishop goes back to Ziva's apartment for clues. Her landlord, Odette, tells her that Ziva was the target of the attack on her father's farmhouse. Gibbs refuses let Ziva go on her own. Ziva tells him she needs to retrieve some intel. McGee pings Bishop's phone to find her. She tells him Gibbs is with Ziva, who's alive. McGee agrees to work with Bishop while keeping everyone else in the dark. Torres knows they're up to something, so they read him in. Jimmy overhears them talking about Ziva. Ziva tackles the man who took the intel from the bus, and Gibbs kills him while Ziva grabs the SD card. Gibbs calls McGee to decrypt the card, which has an address on it for a Mr. Rogers. Rogers tells Ziva Sahar wants her dead because of her brother Ari. Then a sniper kills Rogers and steals his finger. Gibbs and Ziva steal a car in sight of the rest of the team. Vance overhears that Gibbs had called Kasey. Gibbs and Ziva are staking out a burnt-out diner. Ziva tells Gibbs that he abandoned her after her "death." Odette shows up with weapons. Vance and Jack get filled in about Ziva. He sends them to back up Gibbs and Ziva but McGee refuses, citing Ziva's request. Gibbs tries to arrest Sahar but Ziva wants to shoot her. Sahar says a senator will be dead if she is killed.

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 1 Quotes

Well, what did I do to piss her off? Zero intel.

Gibbs [to Ziva]

Ziva, where you been?