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Bishop buys a thumb drive for $100,000 as a favor for Odette. The drive has one photo on it, showing Adam Eshel captured. Gibbs meets with Ziva, asking about Bishop's undercover mission for Odette. Ziva knows nothing about it. Ziva was concerned that she couldn't get ahold of Adam and she had Odette put out feelers. Gibbs and Ziva make an agreement: she updates NCIS and they update her. Kasie locates the factory building into which Adam was taken. Ziva and Gibbs find a badly beaten Adam, who tells them the Zahar they killed as a decoy. Then Gibbs and Ziva fall through the floor. Ziva tells Gibbs about the time when Tony tracked her down in Cairo. By the time they make their way back upstairs, Adam has died. Gibbs orders the team to find the real Zahar. Ziva refuses to contact Dinozzo to take Tali into hiding. McGee talks to Adam's corpse. Jimmy says that Adam was tortured. Adam's captor Cross was a regular at Victor Mir's club. Bishop seduces Mir then the team surrounds him. Sarah, Gibbs' neighbor, is Zahar. Gibbs goes to her house but only Phineas is home. Gibbs has trouble believing Sarah is Zahar. Gibbs asks Phineas to help him find Sarah. Ziva threatens Mir. He tells her that Zahar tortured Adam. Ziva goes to confront Zahara at the old factory. They battle, then Zahar pins her under a water pipe. Adam accidentally told Zahar about Tali. Gibbs shoots and kills Zahar/Sarah. He tracked her down from Phineas' laptop. Odette tells Bishop that she used her to get Gibbs and Ziva back together. Odette offers to give Bishop specialized training. Ziva had called Tony to take Tali into hiding. Gibbs goes upstairs to tell Phineas about his mother's death. 

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 10 Quotes

You know, you need help with anything, I'm here.

Gibbs [to Sarah]

Come on! I like the spunk!

Zir [to Bishop]