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Torres and Bishop visit a former sheriff's residence turned historical site seeking directions. They got involved in a shootout then get trapped in abandoned jail cells in the basement. Vance tries to convince Gibbs to take some time off. Then he tells Gibbs about the Duncan brothers running black-market explosives, the same two that got into a shootout with Torres and Bishop. The brothers take their car. But they left the explosives behind in Bishop's cell. She expects them to return. Gibbs checks with Palmer and Kacie, then Jack, about where Torres and Bishop went. Bishop admits she had a session set up with Jack. Craig Duncan is found dead in the NCIS car. Palmer and Kacie convince Gibbs that Torres and Bishop are alive, somewhere in the woods. Gibbs brings Torres and Bishop's work computers to McGee's help, but McGee says he accessed their computers remotely and found out nothing. Bishop gets the cell door to open but discovers they are rigged to blow. She's standing on a pressure plate. Kacie tracks down Michael Hodge, the person who called the tip line that morning, and Gibbs interviews him. He says he found classified Navy files among his recently deceased father's papers. Torres calls Gibbs but his call breaks up. Hodge knows Jessie Duncan. He was going to be part of their operation but his father begs him to walk away. Hodge picked up Jessie who took his truck. He gives Gibbs directions to where Bishop and Torres are. Duncan returns for his explosives. They attempt to negotiate with him, putting down their guns.  Kacie tries to give Gibbs directions but the signal keeps cutting out. McGee and Kacie figure out where they're being held. GIbbs catches Jesse at the truck. McGee and Gibbs discuss what happened. 

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NCIS Season 18 Episode 6 Quotes

Torres: When I break out the glass, maybe I can rip out the bars.
Bishop: With what? Your superhuman strength?

I had to do what I had to do. McGee knows that.

Gibbs [to Vance]