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In 1980, a young Jethro Gibbs is locked in the trunk of a car driven by a murdered man, Ringo Zucado. Gibbs is discovered by a team of NIS agents. McGee is planning a celebration of his 20th anniversary of his decision to become an NCIS agent. Gibbs doesn't want to join them. The team finds a body in the building's basement. He's a fake NCIS agent. McGee theorizes that he was trying to hack into the computer network. The body is Maurice Zucado. Gibbs was abducted by Ringo in 1980. Ducky was the driver who hit Zucado's car. In the present, GIbbs tells Ducky the Zucados have resurfaced. Gibbs tells the team to find Jonny Zucado, the family boss, who went into hiding after being indicted. Back in 1980, Gibbs informs Ducky that he broke up with his soulmate Shannon. Gibbs and Ducky get roughed up by Jonny's gang. In the present, Gibbs interrogates Jonny but can't hold him. Gibbs convinces Vance that it should be their case. Vance wants to know why Gibbs and Ducky are so tightly wound. Ducky urges GIbbs to talk with Sloan. Ducky goes to help Palmer with the autopsy of the dead witness in Zucado's case. Palmer's autopsy proves that the witness died a week ago. So Maurice had no reason to hack NCIS case files. Freckles Zucado spills his guts. He drew a map for Maurice to find the key card he had stashed there 40 years ago. It's a key to a Swiss safe-deposit box. In the past, Gibbs grills steak in Ducky's fireplace. Gibbs convinces him to become a medical examiner. Gibbs suggests he get back together with Shannon. Gibbs arrests Jonny for Ringo's murder based on his DNA that Ducky found on Ringo's exhumed body. Gibbs joins McGee's party. 

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NCIS Season 18 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm done with anniversaries.


What was this guy doing down here?