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Petty Officer Second Class Mike Benson, a bicyclist, is a victim of a hit-and-run. Gibbs is preparing to testify against Parker James, a financial advisor who stole millions from Navy clients in a Ponzi scheme. The prosecutor chooses to drop Gibbs as a witness and Vance agrees with the decision. The second bicyclist ran from the crime scene rather than call 911. GIbbs attends the James trial anyway. He tries to convince ADA Sheila Addison to put him back on the witness list but she refuses. Kasie tracks the mystery biker, Bernard Wilson. He's also the star witness in the James trial. McGee suggests Wilson was actually the target of the hit-and-run. Wilson doesn't appear for the trial. Bishop calls Gibbs then finds Wilson shot dead. Bishop discovers a woman, Hanna Devereaux, had visited James in prison 33 times. Kasie has a theory that James converted his money into chips at a casino but didn't gamble them away as he claimed. Addison tells Vance that she's reconsidering putting GIbbs on the stand but he's against it. Hanna's father shows Bishop a display of her infatuation wiht James. Hanna has been missing all day and didn't take her phone. Addison decided to have Gibbs testify. Vance tries to talk him out of it but Gibbs refuses. Kasie determines that the driver of the hit-and-run vehicle was really short. Hanna tells Bishop that she was in Washington to see a Congressman at the time of the hit-and-run. James's attorney nails Gibbs on cross-examination based on his suspension. The jury finds James not guilty. McGee checks the electronics on the hit-and-run vehicle and tracks down his wife Charlotte's phone. They arrest Charlotte who turns on James and cuts a deal. So James is also arrested. The missing money was in a safe-deposit box in Macau. 

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NCIS Season 18 Episode 13 Quotes

Torres: What kind of a monster would leave his friend to die?
Bishop: Does he know something we don't?

If I don't take the stand, this guy will walk.

Gibbs [to Vance]