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A man leaves his family in Panama in 1989. It's Nick Torres's father. NCIS's murder victim is Marine Richard Larson. He had a key to the house in which he was found. Larson was stabbed seven times. Kasie said the hair DNA found at the crime scene is a familial match to Torres. A bored GIbbs is doing odd jobs around his house. Kasie tracks a car seen near the home to a local motel. Torres and McGee catch Nick's father. Miguel identifies the murder weapon. He says he was at the open house and used the bathroom. Torres says Miguel is lying. Gibbs runs into Marcie at the diner. Torres explains to Bishop how his family suffered after Miguel left. Torres and Bishop find guns and money in Miguel's room. Miguel had a photo of ex-Marine Thomas Baird. Nick attacks Miguel. Vance lets Miguel go because he's an operative for the CIA. NCIS takes over the tracking of Baird, who suspected in the killings of several CIA agents. Torres asks to be taken off the case rather than work with his father. Vance convinces him to stay. Miguel has been keeping track of his family all along. Marcie visits GIbbs. Baird abducts a bank manager, Charles Park. Torres and Miguel check out Park's cabin. Park's old accounting set up a shell company where the $3 million Baird sought was stashed. They find Baird holding Park hostage. Baird says he has been framed. CIA Officer Walsh had embezzled the money. Gunfire rakes the cabin. Park is killed and Baird injured. The Torreses set a trap for their pursuers and take them out. Miguel distracts Walsh but gets shot while Nick hits her with a knife. Nick and Miguel make plans but he disappears again. Torres shares a steak with Gibbs instead. 

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NCIS Season 18 Episode 12 Quotes


Miguel [to Torres]

McGee: Boss, don't you miss it? The job?
Gibbs: More to life than the job, McGee.