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A food-delivery man finds Captain Tubman, a dead Naval officer, in his car after an aborted delivery. Tubman had called his commander to say that he was being followed. Tubman worked at the National Military Command Center. His laptop was stolen. GIbbs receives a tablet from Ducky and Kasie. He hangs up on their video calls. DNA under Tubman's fingernails came from Edgar Proust. Proust accidentally shot Tubman while stealing the laptop. The people who paid him to steal the laptop hacked into an NCIS database. They accessed the names of George and Micki Kaydar, who took in Gibbs' neighbor Phineas after GIbbs killed his terrorist mother. Phineas's uncle, Hassan Sayegh, put a bounty out of him. McGee calls GIbbs to let him know. Gibbs calls Phineas and a state trooper picks up. The Kaydars are hospitalized after an accident and Phineas is missing. Palmer asks Kasie if Bishop seems different to her over the past year. Gibbs gets to the hospital but neither Kaydar can talk. Police found the Kaydar house ransacked. Gibbs goes home to change and finds Phineas hiding in his basement. Phineas tells Gibbs what happened, that they had been chased from two men coming out of the Kaydar house. Hassan flew in three men to help him. Kasie locates the hotel where Hassan and her men are staying. They find Dr. Bashar with a sick child, Hassan's son Ahmed. Hassan needs Phineas for a bone-marrow transplant. He and his men are heading for Gibbs' house. The lights go out. Gibbs stashes Phineas and Lucy in a hidden compartment in the back of his closet. Lucy's growling draws  Hassan. Phineas knocks Hassan down with a bat. Phineas agrees to give a bone-marrow transplant to Ahmed. GIbbs gives Lucy to Phineas. Then they hug. 

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NCIS Season 18 Episode 14 Quotes

McGee: What do you think?
Torres: I think Vance is going to be delighted.

Oh, no! Don't stop. It really is delightful.

Palmer [to Torres and Bishop]