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After Tony's confrontation with Rivkin last episode, the NCIS team flies to Israel for a final showdown. Once there, they aren't exactly welcome by Ziva's father, the head of Mossad. As the hour goes on, Gibbs must make a tough choice as the situation gets even more complicated.

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NCIS Season 6 Episode 25 Quotes

Gibbs: Yeah, Gibbs.
McGee: Hey boss, how's Tel Aviv?
Abby: Forget Tel Aviv, how's Tony? How's Ziva? Are they talking yet?
Gibbs: They're fine Abby.
Abby: I take that as a no. So how's Israel?

McGee: Gives a whole new meaning to fried hard-drive, huh?
(McGee chuckles, Abby stares at him)
Abby: How many times have you told that joke today?
McGee: None! (Abby gives him a look) Maybe once or twice.
Abby: Newsflash McGee, now is not the time for haha's, ok?
McGee: Sorry.