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NCIS investigates the murder of Navy Lt. Jake Moss, who is found dead after bleeding to death from multiple stab wounds.

Blood trails lead our team through the woods and to a local motel where Moss was meeting up with a call girl, Charlotte Black.

Moss, a reporter for the Navy Times, was working on a piece about call girls in the area and Charlotte agreed to speak with him.

Three other murders in the previous six months were all carried out the same way - and all three men all were clients of Charlotte Black.

A background check on Charlotte leads NCIS to Holly Snow, a former DC madam who got caught but cut a plea deal in order to avoid jail.

With no signs of Charlotte, Gibbs talks Vance into letting Snow back into business in order to lure Charlotte to them.

It works, but when Charlotte is questioned she clearly has no idea that her clients have been murdered.

Her attorney, Dwight Kasdan, is quick to protect Charlotte by advising her not to say anything. Things get even more complicated when another "customer" shows up murdered ... while Charlotte was in custody.

Holly is later abducted and Gibbs, who has oddly grown close to her, must track her down before she becomes yet another victim.

In the end our killer turns out to be Dwight Kasdan, attorney and jealous boyfriend of Charlotte.

He simply couldn't accept the fact that his girlfriend made a living as a call girl. ­

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