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As the show opens, we show a stripper preparing to make her entrance into a bachelor party ... only to find all three guests murdered in cold blood.

The very mysterious circumstances surrounding their deaths and the various leads, twists and turns confound the NCIS team from beginning to end:

One is found hanging, another found drowned with his head in the toilet, and the third having suffered from alcohol poisoning.

Strangest of all, the three of them were all found with their heads shaved ... after they were killed. Bizarre, to say the least.

After a thorough investigation, the team zeros in on a suspect, a police officer that had been bullied by the three victims during high school. Oddly enough, the cop evades their pursuit by feigning that he is also after the suspect.

The way that all three victims were found corresponds with the way they had tormented the cop, right down to shaving his head. He's looking and acting guilty. In the end, he offers to meet DiNozzo at a phone booth to talk.

As he does, though, his car careens into the phone booth as he is mysteriously shot. Now what?

The NCIS officers discover that the three victims had used their Navy connections to set up the illegal sale of a decommissioned aircraft, and that the bachelor party was actually a front - an alibi - for the deal to go down during.

The team figured the cop, Officer Shelley, had finally taken his revenge and not only killed his tormentors, but also stolen their profits, but before he was killed, he insisted this was not the case and he only intended to steal from them.

If he didn't kill them, who did?

After Shelley's death, the team learns that the real culprit also attended the same high school as the original three victims, and had gone on to frame Officer Shelley so she they could steal the money from the aircraft job.

She worked at the auction house where one of the victims had a connection and knew about the sale being facilitated for the plane. They bust her in the end. Sucka.

Meanwhile, Gibbs has been urging Vance throughout to let Ziva back on the NCIS team, though Vance seems reluctant. She has been interacting with all of the team members, each reacting to her return in their own way.

At the end, she passes all her psych evaluations - including one final, brutal grilling by Gibbs re: Ari's shooting - looks at Tony and McGee, places a plant on her desk, and takes a seat. They both follow her example and move to their desks.

Tony can't take his eyes off of her. She then glances over at McGee, who smiles. Everyone is where they are supposed to be at NCIS, and all is right with the world.

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NCIS Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

McGee: What are you doing? I'm not the sidekick.
Tony: I'm the boss when Gibbs isn't here.
Gibbs: Gibbs is here.

McGee: Face it, you think you're too good looking to be the sidekick.
Tony: According to women, I'm too good looking.
Ziva: Actually I find McGee the more handsome.