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On this week's NCIS ...

  • A wanted assassin is killed by a speeding truck.
  • The team IDs Lt. Commander Geoffrey Brett as his target but does not know why
  • Ziva is assigned to protect Brett while the team tracked down accountant Drew Turner, who wired money to George Kaplan, who paid the hit man $25,000. Then Turner ends up dead.
  • Brett was receiving kickbacks from a shipbuilder in exchange for supplying government contracts. He was hiding the money under George Kaplan ... who she laundered money through and put the hit out on Brett.
  • Abby discovers that she shares almost the same DNA of another when they both come up as kidney donor matches (she wants to donate just because).
  • This person turns out to be an older brother she never knew she had. Abby test her mother’s hair and learns she was adopted.


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