On NCIS Season 12 Episode 17 a Navy Lieutenant is found dead in his CO's office. It turns out a missing painting may be involved. Find out more when you watch NCIS online!

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On NCIS Season 12 Episode 17 Navy Lieutenant Dominic Pine is found dead in his Admiral's office.

Abby notices that there's no blood spatter on the painting on the wall, and surmises that a theft had occurred, with the thief leaving a fake painting in its place.

Meanwhile Tony's dad comes to down, morose and sad because his bride-to-be has left him. When he learns about the fake painting, he offers his expertise and help with the art underworld.

Senior visits an old friend and art forger named Swann to find out who painted the fake art. He brings McGee with him and presents him to Swann as his son.

Abby finds out that the original art piece had a secret -- and that it was desperately wanted by a terrorist organization called Al Zalim.

What was the painting's secret? Will Tony and his father have yet another argument? Why did Abby create a pair of goth death head pyjama bottoms?

Find out all of this and more when you watch NCIS online!

Episode Details

The NCIS Season 12 Episode 17, Tony's father returns to help the team with his contacts in the black market art world when a murder case that involves a rare painting being stolen.

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 17 Quotes

Gibbs: You know I've got a friend. He paid his dad's hotel bill once, because his dad couldn't cover it. And I said to my friend, I said "why'd you do that? Your dad never did anything for you". The look on his face. Never seen anything like it. There was more love on his face than I ever saw. I guess that his dad meant more to him than he knew.
Aziz: What does that have to do with anything?

Senior: I need to tell you something.
Tony: Oh, you don't need to say anything.
Senior: Look. I've done a lot of things in my life. I've pretended to be better than I am. I've dealt with some pretty shady folks, but son -- I am not a con artist. I am an entrepreneur. The difference between an entrepreneur and a con artist is that an entrepreneur believes in the dreams he's selling. Whether my deals fell through or not, I believed in what I was selling. There. That's the look that Gibbs was talking about.