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-Anne Marie Harmon in sent to Dani for anger management after throwing a glue gun at an employee. Dani soon learns that her real problem is that she's a hoarder.

-Anne started hoarding after she was forced to give up her baby at age 17. Dani helps her work through those issues and begin clearing out her home, one box at a time.

-Dani plans a garage sale to clean out her house as her first wedding anniversary since her divorce nears. Her mother tries to hold onto many of the items Dani wants to sell. She finally confesses to Dani that she feels that Dani's family was also hers and the divorce affects her too.

-Matt offers to help with the garage sale and finds out Dani and JD broke up. He spends the evening with Dani and her mother to help her get through her anniversary. Before he leaves he kisses Dani.

-Vivica won't sleep with TK and he has no idea how to handle it. Searching for advice from both Dani and Matt, he realizes he wants a real relationship with Vivica and is willing to take it slow.

-Gabrielle Pittman is looking to leave her husband who is looking to sell the Hawks. She and Nico obviously have a past and she makes it clear she'd like a future with him. Nico is tempted but turns her down.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Matt: How is that pain in your neck?
Dani: She just walked into the kitchen.

People don't just walk away from Marshall Pittman. They limp.