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-Tallis, a female boxer is having memory lapses while in the ring and sees Dani for help. Tallis has a recurring dream about a man scaring her when she was three years old.

-Tallis finds a picture of the man in her mother's closet. The man is Tallis' birth father who abused her. Her mother left him and remarried and never told Tallis. When her adoptive father died recently, it triggered the dreams and the memory lapses.

-TK continues with Lazarus' program and misses several practices. He travels to Miami with Laz and meets a football legend who is Laz's client.

-Later TK witnesses Laz's dismissive treatment of the man when his money runs out but he still needs help. When TK calls Laz on his behavior, Laz leaves and sticks TK with a $49,000 bill for the party.

-When TK can't make it back for practice, Coach benches him. TK apologizes to the team and decides to go back to Dani for therapy.

-Dani's kids find out that she is dating JD but they aren't happy.

-Matt is offered a great job in San Francisco. As he's about to accept he finds out Laura set him up with the position because she wants to move back to her home city. Matt feels manipulated and breaks up with her.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I like knocking chicks out.


You may be right but that does not make me wrong.