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-Dani's divorce is final but RayJ feels like he'll always have to choose between his parents. Dani tells the kids to never feel guilty for wanting to spend time with their father.

-Dani decides to pursue a relationship with Matt.

-Nico sees Dani for "clarity." He's trying to figure out whether to lie to Marshall Pittman about his former affair with Gabrielle. Gabrielle tells Nico that Juliette isn't his but she let him assume there was that possibility.

-Nico refuses to give Pittman's lawyer any information on Gabrielle but tells him to have Pittman call him if he has questions about Gabrielle's affairs. He'll tell Pittman directly if he really wants to know.

-TK has panic attacks caused by facing his nemesis "The Minefield" in the playoff games. Dani tries to help him work through it.

-TK has an attack and walks off the field. Dani convinces him to continue to play and he tackles "The Minefield" which allows his team to score the winning touchdown.

-At the afterparty, a Chicago fan taunts TK but he chooses to walk away to see Vivica. The fan pulls a gun.

-Nico finds Dani with Matt when he comes to her house late at night to tell her that TK has been shot.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Maurice: I'm your worst nightmare, TK.
TK: I've got nothing but sweet dreams, baby.

The thing about minefields is no matter how many you navigate, the most dangerous is always the ones you don't see coming.