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-The team hires Dani to get their top rookie, Randall to make it to practice on time.

-Randall is not only late for practice, he's also late for his session with Dani. Therapy does not seem to be working and the Coach threatens to cut Randall.

-Dani finally realizes that Randall has obsessive compulsive disorder and his excessive routines make him late. She helps him control his OCD.

-Dani's son gets TK to help him sneak into a hot club to impress a girl. The girl then ditches Ray and takes his car. TK buys him a new car to keep it from Dani.

-Nico suspects Dani's mother of selling insider information about the team to pay for her gambling addiction. If it's true, Dani could lose her job.

-Dani confronts her mother who gets angry and leaves.  Turns out it was actually Matt's old friend Ted who was selling the team's information. Dani and her mother reconcile.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You know what else might upset the kids? The murder of their only living grandmother.


The question is, when is it time for an old habit too die?